why do people make such a big deal about tagging triggers and act like it’s a hassle because it’s really not?????


im so miserable but i laugh at everything


August is Queer Dean Month!  Celebrate queer!Dean with headcanons, fanfiction, graphics, fan art, meta, and more.  Be sure to tag your creations with #queerdeanmonth so that we can reblog them and others can see!

Below are some optional themes/prompts to consider for the month; do one, do them all, pick and choose or do your own thing.

  • favorite queer relationships
  • favorite queer moments
  • AU
  • crossover ships
  • polyamory
  • gender identity
  • preseries dean
  • ace/aro spectrum

Remember that topics such as coming out, queerness related violence and mental health issues can be triggering for people— look out for your fellow fans by using content warnings!

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when boys hold u by yr waist and make you feel tiny
when you kiss boys and you can feel their stubble
freckles on boy
body hair on boy
spooning with boys
when boys get hard while spooning and you can feel it and its really cute
boys in the abstract

1 year later and I’m a lesbian


Mica Arganaraz for Elle Italia october 2012 by Mark Pillai


i’ve been shopping for years and i still have nothing to wear. 

dean: *is a fully grown man in his mid-thirties*

me: baBY BOY